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Colorful Mini PCs : 2019

What Is A Mini PC


A Mini Computer, first developed by the IBM Corporation,  is a technology that can make your life easier in so many ways that we will discuss later on this article.


Small in size, but made for hard tasks! Don't underestimate a Mini PC, it can be more powerful than a personal computer, yes, you heard right, they are able to contain many CPU (Processor), making a long data process go smoothly.


Mini PCs can support up to 32 GB Ram, so you don't have to worry about your games or programs lagging every time.


Generally, you will find many variations of any Mini PC you see.  Be that as it may, read the specifics before you purchase, there are two different versions of Mini Computers: Barebones and Ready To Go,  my reviews of 12 of the highest-rated  Mini Pcs only consist of Ready To Go Mini Computers. Ready to go, is like it says ready to go and be used out of the box. Barebone comes in an unassembled or partially assembled kit, allowing for more customization.  Some Mini Computers may also be referred to as Minature PCs, Nettops,  Mini PCs or Smart Micro PCs, Mini Desktop Computer or just Small PCs. 


One of the most common lines of the Mini Computer is called a NUC,  the Next Computing Unit of Intel. The NUC was created as an alternative to netbooks and other small devices for computing. The NUC is a popular choice and mostly what I reviewed here. The NUC and most Mini Computers are tiny enough to be mobile, measuring approximately 4 x4 inches and weighing around two pounds. The various NUC versions are fully functional 

Mini Computers,  that are able to do just about anything the average computer user would ever want to do.














Mini PCs: Characteristics, and Why You Should Buy One Today?


Many known brands throughout the world keep releasing new Mini Computers regularly, and people are asking the question: Are Mini PCs Really worth it?


To briefly answer your question, yes! The only difference between a regular computer and Mini Computer is the physical size so when it comes to other features like the software or the internal components, they are the same!


Why Mini PCs Are a Great Deal?



There are many benefits of owning a Mini PC, they are useful in many situations, we listed for you some reasons why you should consider buying one:


Mini Computers operate as Desktop Computers, without taking up a lot of desk space. They are so tiny that they can be readily connected to the back of your monitor or television,  (usually using a Vesa mount), for a Home Theater.  You can easily stream videos from your television and many support 4k streaming, making them great for home entertainment.  Take the MINIX NEO Z83-4 Home, for instance, this Mini Computer supports 4k streaming and comes ready to attach to your television and at a very low price. Highly recommended if you're on a budget and just looking to get that 4k streaming. 


The small sizes of Mini Pcs is a major advantage in situations with restricted space, or you really don't want a huge tower. 


Mini PCs use less power and collect less dust, and have a lower rate of failure then the traditional PC. 



Cheap Prices


It's not every day that you find great quality, along with a good price. Mini Computers are less expensive compared to regular computers. There are some great deals available on the online marketplaces, like the ACEPC AK1 Mini PC Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 Processor.


A Fast Media Server for Your Company or Application


A lot of well-known businesses chose Mini Computers as their servers, mostly because, on one hand, these tiny electronics are very powerful and fast in processing data, and on the other hand they don't need a lot of space, which is the perfect deal for companies.



Less Space, More Efficiency


Technology is trying its best to transform big components to smaller ones, remember the old Smart Media memory with 128 MB? It definitely vanished away with the appearance of new small SD Cards which can hold up to 1TB of data. Back to Mini PCs, the point of inventing them is to save space, without ruining the overall quality, so it is excellent for people with tiny households. They are smaller, faster and more flexible than ever.  Like any computer, they come in different specs, variations, and prices. You can even find gaming mini pcs, like the MSI Trident X Plus, this high-end gaming pc has an i9 processor, 32gb of ram and 512gb SSD and a TB hard drive.  


If you are in the market for a Mini Pc or thinking about purchasing one in the future, you should have plenty to choose from. You can check out my short reviews, comparison and information page on 12 new Mini Pcs here and 6 Refurbished Mini PCs here, ranging from mid grade to high end.  ​​​​​ 




You Can Attach Them to Anything + Dual Screen Display Supported



From Televisions to office equipment, Mini PCs provide you with connectivity wherever you are, and wherever you want to. You can attach them to your Television and enjoy the big screen, or to a projector where you can easily project your presentations to your colleagues.


Mid-Range PCs can support dual screen display, meaning that you can share your screen with another monitor without any problems, it's an amazing function especially for programmers.


As stated earlier, many support 4k streaming, like the awesome Kingdel NC860 Fanless Mini PC. 



Fanless Mini PC info


You can get a Mini Computer in fanless for a truly silent computer, or with a fan. Being quiet is not the only benefit of a fanless PC, they also do not collect dust, therefore, having a lower failure rate. Don't worry they still stay cool in most situations as they come equipped with a passive cooling system. However, if you plan on doing a lot of higher processing tasks like gaming, I would choose a model that does have a fan. 



Final Thoughts


I think that it is crystal clear now that Mini PCs are very useful in various ways. Nowadays they are just as powerful as most Full-Size Desktop Computers with the added benefit of being portable and making a great Home Entertainment System.  Mini Computers could easily replace the traditional Desktop Computer,  depending on your computing and entertainment needs, could be a nice change. 

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          Mini PCs

And Why You Should Buy One



What is a Mini Computer

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